VO Atlanta here I come!


VO Atlanta here comes a Voice Actor from Seattle! Here I come! I'm SO excited!

Have I ever been to VO Atlanta? Nope. Am I stoked? YEP! Can't wait. I'm ready to connect with lots of industry pro's, learn from them, glean their knowledge, and really supercharge my voiceover business, coming home as a better and more equipped voice actor. Yep, I'm a voice actor. That's me. But I'll be a BETTER voice actor when I come home, and a better business man. So much, that you may have to capitalize it like Voice Actor. Yeah!

Got a schedule chalk full of X-Sessions, general sessions, and breakout sessions. I can't wait!

Flying out Wednesday to go stay at the Hilton and get setup. Gonna Facetime with my wife and son at night each day, and catch up. Grandma is coming up to stay and help. So grateful for that!

Voice actors from around the world will be flying in, and there's going to be hundreds of them there. Several local voice actors will be there, from my neck of the woods. It's gonna be voice actor central! Yeehaw!

This voice actor is stoked. Can you tell? COME ON ATLANTA!

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Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voice Actor & Voiceover Talent for hire

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