The "¡Arriba Arriba! ¡Andale Ándale!" Speedy Gonzalez Technique

The “¡Arriba Arriba! ¡Andale Ándale!” Speedy Gonzalez Technique

How quickly can you get to your auditions?  Ever see one and just kinda lazily say, “eh…maybe…”?  Well, that could be a rent or mortgage-paying job, or at least part of one.  Hup to!  Get to it before someone else does!  You’ll be grateful and glad you did.  Speedy Gonzalez gets there and takes the cake, and you can be Speedy.  Act quickly so you can get in line before others do, and increase your chances of landing the gig before the listener develops “audition fatigue” and doesn’t even get to you way down the line!]]>