How does hiring a Voice Actor work?

How does hiring a Voice Actor work?

Good question!  The answer to your question "How does hiring a Voice Actor work?" is right here!

I'm a 26-year veteran voice actor, and voice acting is my career.  I do it all the time.  Let me walk you through the process.  And here's a nifty infographic to explain it visually!


How does hiring a Voice Actor work? - Where the Voice Actors are

Voice Actors are all over the place.  The convenient thing is, many of them are self-employed.  "How does hiring a Voice Actor work" is a pretty easy question to answer.  You can of course visit sites like,,, Voice123, Bodalgo,, etc..but ultimately, I, like many other voice actors, are right here and waiting, and you don’t need to comb through a million auditions just to find that perfect voice actor that works for you.  How to find and hire a voice actor depends on your willingness to work directly with a client rather than outsource that work to a company, such as the ones listed above.  It’s not hard.

How does hiring a Voice Actor work? - First Things First

First things first.  You have a video, or some kind of project requiring a voice actor.  At the very minimum, you have a script.  You need someone to voice it.  So you do a google search, and you may have searched for exactly what I’m writing about here: “How does hiring a Voice Actor work?"  If that’s what you googled, raise your hand!  🙂 You found one.  I’m a voice actor.  We’re here, scattered all over the web, and waiting to be found.  You might be looking for a male voice actor, or a female.  You might want a young adult voice actor.  You may want a more senior voice actor.  You may want British.  Spanish.  Australian.  A Sam Elliott-sound alike.  A Cate Blanchett-style voice.  It all depends.  But you can search for it with those keywords and perhaps find what you’re looking for that way.  Ultimately, all of us use our websites in different ways, but if you’re searching for how to find and hire a voice actor, the first part is pretty easy.  So now comes the second part.  The hiring.

How does hiring a Voice Actor work? - Talking it Over

You talk over the semantics of the script, its reach, its scope, its duration. The voice actor (pick me! pick me! 🙂 gives you a quote and shares with you what their contract entails, and how quickly they can deliver said script.  There are other entanglements of each project and all that that you’ll discuss.  All YOU really want is to hear your beautiful and life-changing script recorded and sent back to you in a broadcast-ready .mp3, .aiff or .wav file, right?  That voice actor should be able to deliver on their promises and turn that file(s) around to you quickly enough for you to get back to work and assimilate it into your video.  Then you’re ready to go.  You can obviously resort to many of what are known as the “P2P” sites, the voiceover marketplaces, such as, but ultimately, you’re going to get a better, fairer, and more direct and long-lasting relationship with a voice actor that you’ll be able to work with over and over, again and again in the future, if you work directly.  So Google us!  Seek us out.  How to find and hire a voice actor is actually pretty easy.  We’re here and waiting to be found.  To hire us is actually pretty easy after that as well, if you find out that’s established and knows what they’re doing.  I happen to be one of those voice actors: seasoned, weathered, established, fair, with super quick turnaround time, and excellent pricing.  Many companies have asked me to tell their story, including 4Ocean, Nutrisystem, Juvilee, Microsoft, Wrangler, Deloitte, Cadillac, John Deere, Unicef, University of Washington, Uber, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Car Toys, and many, many more.  I’d be proud to partner with you and help you tell your story as well.  You would state the semantics of your project and I would get you a professional contract for you to review and approve online, quickly and easily. Any contract stipulations that you may need to have in there, or remove, we work out in that process.  And we work out the payment schedule as well, if you work on net terms.

How does hiring a Voice Actor work? - It's Easy!

How to find and hire a voice actor is an easy process if you have everything ready to go on your end.  You simply Google "voice actor", and then the conversation begins.  You don’t want somebody pushy, you don’t want someone who overpromises and underdelivers, you don’t want someone with sales breath.  You DO want someone real, approachable, friendly, conversational, natural, and human.  Like many professional voice actors, I’m all that and more, and would love to partner with you.

Request an estimate today!  You'll receive a competitive quote and one that is fair, and you'll receive quick delivery.  See what my clients have to say about me as a voice actor!

I LOVE what I do.  As a voice actor, I get to lift words off of the page and bring them to life for your listeners' ears.  Voice acting is incredibly rewarding because it allows me to stay and work from home with my family.  And - to be at your beck and call when you need any edits or pickups.  I've had clients come back to me years later and they require pickups on their original script.  I'm a voice actor, yes, but I'm also a businessman!

Request a quote here.  Or visit my Voiceover Talent Demo Reel.

Joshua Alexander
Seattle Voiceover Artist / Voice Talent / Voice Actor for hire

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  1. That’s good to know that it’s pretty easy to hire a voice actor online. I am thinking of doing an advertisement, and it would be nice to have someone else do the voiceovers. I should look around online for some actors or agencies that could help me out with that if I end up needing an actor.

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