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Are you a Voiceover business owner?  Need to elevate your business functionality?

FirstVoiceData (TM) is a custom software solution to help you run and efficiently manage your voiceover business.  Database and accompanying documents help you send out contracts and invoices, manage Accounts Receivable, Marketing, Taxes, entering payments, tracking income, and more.

Works on PC or Mac through Microsoft Office with Word, Outlook and Access.  Mac requires either Parallels, BootCamp or VMWare to run.

The promotional video is above.  To view the video walk-through, please see the bottom of this page.

Below are summary images of FirstVoiceData (TM), how it operates, and how it will benefit you.

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"I have both the CRM and the business docs and can confirm that they are invaluable resources! As a Canadian, I made some small changes to the CRM to allow for international addresses and currencies. Because Josh Alexander provides the CRM as an open tool, I was able to do that myself with no additional cost. I love that I can customize it! Plus, the mail merge functionality is fantastic - I made invoice and contract documents in my own branding based on Josh's templates and the CRM automatically fills in the details. Saves a ton of time and energy and my documents look fantastic!"

- Julie Mallet-Paret


"FirstVoiceData was a "super" choice from one "super-voice"!  My big helpers are keeping track of the leads I contact or connect with, and the easy automation of generating contracts & invoices for clients.  Only a one-time fee and Customer Service directly from its Father!"

- Christopher Nelson


"I wanted to let you know that I am loving FirstVoiceData already! It's great to be able to have everything for my clients in one place. I especially like the reports. I am not someone that sets up and creates reports like this, so having them automatically there is a great way to keep tabs on my business. Thanks!"

- Kelly Brennan