Cover me! I’ve got your back

Yes, I’ll have a marketing burger with a side of shameless self-promotion, please.


What’s in a name?

Best Buy.  Sears.  Apple.  Microsoft.  Dairy Queen.  Burger King.  The Post Office.  UPS. Home Depot.  Fred Meyer.  Lowes.  7-11.

What do all of these have in common?  Yes.  Sure.  They all want your money (especially Apple…to which I heartily respond, “Yes!  Yes!  Shut up and take my money!  YES I SAY!!!!”)

But that’s not it.  Next?

I’ll give you a hint.  Something about brand identity.  *sound of you thinking hard here*  That’s right!  Usually, all of the employees here are wearing something with the company name on their shirt, or sleeve, or jacket, or hat!

They all do it, because they’re all required to.  The question is, why wouldn’t you?  Is it because you’re not required to?


Questions, questions, so many questions

  • “What’s a voiceover?”
  • “What does that mean?”
  • “You do voiceovers?”
  • “Oh wow, great T-Shirt!” (OK that’s not a question).
  • And my favorite: "Over what?"

Wearing our own voiceover apparel is a massively effective way to accomplish a number of things that aid us in our positivity and success:

  • Shows pride in what we do.
  • Helps us show others what we do
  • Represents our brand to the world
  • Shows that we’re willing to invest into our brand

I’m sure I’ve left out something, but ultimately, why wouldn’t you get your own apparel with your own logo, branding, and perhaps some catchy phrase or tagline that prompts questions?  I’ve been out and about with my wife on date night and – much to her chagrin – I’ve just kept on my voiceover T-shirt because I know we’re going out in public.  (She wouldn’t let me wear my billboard nor ring my I’m-a-voiceover-artist bell, curse her).  She’s dressed up beautifully, and she is ravishing, and here I am in jeans and a voiceover T-Shirt.  But have I been asked questions?  I have indeed.  So there, honey.  That T-Shirt inquiry enabled me to buy you those diamonds you’re sporting.

I’ve received inquiries while wearing my branded T-Shirts, sure enough. Questions like the ones above.  And even – I left this out intentionally above – “Hey, got a business card?”

It does work, people.  My diamond-studded wife knows it does.


Walking Billboards

Out in public, you are the only representation of your brand, and you can go around using your announcer voice all you want, cocking your eyebrow up and employing a little swagger, trying to sound exactly like your latest national Nutrisystem TV commercial voice, but what good will that do except get you a drink thrown in your face, accompanied by a few hearty sneers?


I’ve a better idea.  And it starts, affordably, here.  Or here.

The days of costly silk-screening or custom embroidery are long gone.  Using the power of your mind (or perhaps, your neighbor’s graphic designer teenager), come up with something that best represents you, and what you do.  Get that in a few formats.  Slap it on a T-Shirt.

You are your own best representation.

Here's a great article, though admittedly somewhat dated, on the effectiveness and importance of wearing your branding out in public.  People share Christ out in public.  People hand out petition clipboards for you to sign.  Those dratted girl scouts accost me outside every Safeway, enticing me into sinful desire for those succulent thin mint cookies, double-drat them.  Shameless!!!  *insert sound of munching thin mints here*

Why should you be any less shameless?

Those guys at Home Depot have to wear those vests.  You get to.  They have to promote someone else’s dream through assigned apparel.  You get to promote your own dream with designed apparel.

Assigned.  Designed.

Come on.  Be shameless.

You’ll be so delighted with the questions you’ll receive.  I’ve received questions from voiceover colleagues, those interested in voiceovers, potential clients, and those simply amused with my designs.  One of my T-Shirts says “Stand back!  I know medical narration!”  It’s a great one!  Another one says “Don’t make me use my announcer voice.”  But my favorite one says “I get paid to sit in a dark room and say stuff.  Voiceovers.  The good life.”

I'm telling you, it works.


Your design is all you, girlfriend

Even if your designed T-shirt doesn’t specifically say I’m Joshua Alexander, and I’m a Voiceover Artist.  Ask me about voiceovers and I’d be delighted if you would get such T-Shirts and wear them everywhere you go – get yourself T-shirts that DO mention voiceovers.  That DO provoke thought.  That DO have a logo or a question on them, that DO invite people to engage you.

The sense of pride that you’ll have when walking around wearing something that is you - that could potentially invite new business, that speaks volumes about your confidence in your own brand – is priceless and incomparable.  The opportunities that it could afford you are staggeringly exciting.

Get come and wear them.  Zazzle and Vistaprint even have basic templates you can use to design your own.  You don’t have to pay your teenager graphic designer neighbor.   Do it now. Operators are standing by.

Listen….do you hear that?  That sweet siren call of beckoning….that soft coo of the marketing voice calling to you:

Cover me.  I’ve got your back.


Your Personalized Branding Apparel

Or you can just go work at Best Buy and wear theirs.

seattle professional voiceover voice talent artist joshua alexander tshirt


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